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Why We Do It

The short answer to this question is simple: we love dogs. However, it's important to know why we care about dogs as much as we do, which can actually be traced back to when co-owner Tryphina was twelve years old.

Tryphina and her family found out they were going to be moving into a house that had a fenced-in back yard, so they started saving up change in a piggy bank to buy two puppies. After saving up for a while, they finally found two irresistable pups, one of which would belong solely to Tryphina. That day, Tryphina was given a best friend, and she called her Freya.

Tryphina at 12 years old with her new puppy, Freya. 19 years later, this little girl opened up The Good Dog Cafe.
Tryphina at 12 years old with her new puppy, Freya. 19 years later, this little girl opened up The Good Dog Cafe.

Freya: The Original Good Dog

Freya would go on to change Tryphina's life, her future husband's life and the life of her future son. Freya showed our family the beauty of unconditional love, the type of love we're not sure humans are even capable of expressing. When my wife and I met, Freya had already been Tryphina's best friend for 9 years. When we lost Freya to old-age on July 25th, 2016, she concluded 16 years of protection, inspiration, guidance and love. She will be forever cherished and missed by our family, but she has left us with something that will never go away: the motivation to devote our lives to dogs.

Our relationship with Freya inspired us to rescue five other dogs who are a huge part of our lives. With that many dogs, we often have the desire to bring them places. Luckily, Fayetteville is extremely dog-friendly compared to some cities, but we don't think there could ever be enough places to bring your furry best friends. So, we started saving up our money, dreaming about what we wanted to accomplish, setting huge goals, and eventually, we had made an offer on a small commercial property in Southeast Fayetteville.

We took an old two bedroom single bath tiny house that was built in the 60's and started chipping away at it. From ripping up carpet, refinishing hardwood floors, building a huge privacy fence to painting the interior and exterior, we have completely renovated this little place ourselves. We learned a lot, stretched to our limits, and in some cases bit off more than we could chew; but, we've had only one goal in mind: to create a place that encourages people to get their dogs out of the house to make new experiences and friends.

Freya loving the last year of her life.
Freya loving the last year of her life.

Meet The Crew

The Good Dog Cafe is family owned and operated. We can't wait to meet you and your pups!

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Tryphina loves dogs more than anyone you know.

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Micah tries his best to cook good food and build things.

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Silas loves dogs and every other living creature.